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Configuring your Plugin
All plugins come with an easy-to-use form that lets you set the appropriate values.
In the example below the Google Tag Manager plugin is added to the Core plugins. It is optional to supply a value for your plugins on the Core, Team, or Workspace levels. If you do not enter a value for your plugin, you will be prompted to enter one when publishing your project.
By adding settings for the Team and Workspace level, you can specify which plugins (and with which settings) should be applied to all projects by default, within each respective team or workspace.
Given the example above, where the Google Tag Manager plugin was added to the Core settings, the Publish Dialog for a project published to this hosting will prompt the user to enter a value or turn the plugin off before publishing as seen below.
To be able to Publish this project, enter the correct GTM container ID as requested by the form, the status bars will light green to indicate that all required fields have been appropriately filled out.
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