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Adding a Hosting Plugin
You can add hosting plugins from the hosting settings, or when publishing a project.
To manage the plugins from the Hosting Settings, navigate to the Plugins tab of your Hosting.
Here you may add the plugin on either the Core, Team or Workspace level.
If you are inside a project, you may click the Show advanced settings for the Hosting you want to add the plugin for.
Adding plugins from a specific project will, by default, add this plugin on the project level. This means that other projects published to the same hosting will not have the plugin added to them, unless you specifically set which level the plugin should be added to, in the level-selector.

The add plugin dialog

When adding, you can search through our list of available Hosting Plugins to quickly add the one you want.
If you cannot find the Hosting Plugin you need, you can always use the Custom HTML plugin to put any custom HTML wherever you want.
Last modified 9mo ago
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