Choosing the right hosting solution

The best possible hosting type or integration for your content depends on a few factors. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

This assumes you have a domain where you want to publish your content. This may be a completely new domain or an existing website/platform.

Nothing is on []

If you don’t have anything currently on the domain you want to publish your content to, the suggested option is creating a Vev Standard Hosting. This is a secure hosting, highly optimized to serve your Vev content globally.

Replacing my website at []

If you have a website currently running on the domain you want to host your Vev projects on, but you would like to replace it completely with Vev, then we also suggest setting up a Vev Standard Hosting.

Serving content on sub-domain []

You don’t have to replace your website in order to take advantage of Vev. You can set up a Vev Standard Hosting to serve content from one of your subdomains (you can create subdomains from your Domain Provider).

Integrating with my website at []

If you want your content to live side-by-side with your current website/platform, do so by selecting one of our Hosting Integrations. We offer integrations for most of the big cloud platforms, and for any special use cases where you require complete control, we also have webhook support.