Use cases

Before we let you go explore the possibilities within Vev, here’s a quick overview of what users love to use Vev to create.

Beautifully crafted websites end-to-end

Many people choose Vev as the only tool they use to design and publish their websites. Some examples of this are:

  • Portfolios

  • Photo galleries

  • Personal and business websites

Special pages within existing websites

Some users have existing websites they don’t wish to migrate to another environment, but they love how Vev gives designers the freedom and creativity to create extra appealing content, such as:

  • Articles / Advertorials

  • Scrollytelling

  • Landing pages

  • Reports and presentations

  • Campaigns

In this scenario, Vev content lives side-by-side with your existing website.

Integrated content within existing pages

Similar to the previous scenario but even more sophisticated, some users wish to integrate Vev content and integrate/embed it within existing pages. The most popular use case for this is:

  • Banner ads

Vev may not be the optimal option for database-centric and dynamic websites, such as blogs, news portals, online stores. For these cases, we recommend specialized CMS and eCommerce platforms.