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What is the origin selector?
The origin selector allows you to dynamically position and resize elements for all screen sizes, to help you create a responsive project with ease.
The origin selector located on the right hand side of the design editor
Each element on the canvas is positioned relative to the section it belongs to (or group/frame). A blue line extending from the element indicates the origin position to the parent container, be it the section or the group.
An element with the origin set to the top left of the container
Depending on your design, changing the origin of an element might greatly help you out when adapting the design to different screen sizes, and will ensure that your content stays within the section and does not "bleed" into other sections or off the canvas.
By setting the X & Y position in either pixels or percentages, you can easily set the position of elements that will pull through to a variety of screen sizes.
For example, setting the offset to 30px on both the X & Y position with the origin being set to the top left, will mean that the positon of the selected element will always be 30 pixels down, and across. You can also do this with pixels, so that the element will be offset by a certain percentage depending on the screen size.
Finally, you can also stretch the element to be horizontal, vertical, or both. This will set your content to stretch to the full width/height of the section or frame.
Read this article to learn more about how this feature works.
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