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Overlapping Content
If your content looks different after publishing it is usually caused by percentage-based sizing of Elements or Sections. When viewed on a device that has a tall window, your percentage-based sections might have more space available, and some elements may not be in the position you thought they would, or as they looked in the editor.
To ensure you do not run into these issues, it's important to keep in mind that the windows which view your content vary a lot. It is usually quite easy to spot these from inside the editor if you use the handlebars to adjust your Canvas.

Resizing your Canvas

The window for your Canvas represents the window of the user looking at your content. You can use the handlebars to resize them both while designing and previewing your content. It will automatically switch device mode to match the width of your Canvas.
The red arrows point at the handlebars which you can use to resize the Canvas
If you or your viewers are experiencing overlapping content in the Published version of your project, make sure the browser's zoom is set to 100% and you or your viewers don't have the "Zoom text only'' setting enabled in the browser, if available.
Here you have some links to learn how to adjust the zoom and text settings of your browser.
The best way to get a good look at Ve's content is to zoom everything in, There's no need to just zoom in on the text.
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