How to Use Shared Addon Presets

Save your addons settings as presets and easily update multiple addons at once

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Shared addon presets are essentially shared styles but for addons. You can easily save your settings for various addons and easily apply click to apply the same settings wherever the addon is used.

Like text shared styles, you can change the settings and easily update across all instances where the shared preset is applied by clicking the refresh button.

How to Save a Shared Addon Preset

When this option is available, you will find the shared addon preset box at the top of the configuration panel for the addon; here's an example on the animation addon configuration panel.

  • In the layers panel, select the addon icon to bring up its configuration panel

  • Click the + icon at the top of the panel

  • Write the shared addon preset name you want

  • Click on the checkmark to save

How to Apply a Shared Addon Preset

Now you have saved your current configuration settings on the addon as a preset. To apply this preset to other applications of this addon in your project;

  • First, apply the addon to the element or section of your choice.

  • In the layers panel, click the addon icon to bring up its configuration panel

  • Click the "No shared addon preset" dropdown, your saved addon presets will appear on the list - simply select the one you want to apply.

How to Update a Shared Addon Preset

Open the addon's configuration panel and edit the settings to your preference. As you make changes, you will notice that the + icon at the top of the panel will change to a refresh icon. Once you're satisfied with your changes, to have it updated across your project, simply click the refresh icon.

Tip: Shared presets will only be available for the specific addon you are working with.

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