What is a template?

Creating a template

Using a template

🧐 What is a template?

Templates are pre-built projects you can use as a starting point for new projects. They have several uses for different workflows:

  • Use templates to learn how to use Vev

  • Create a project from a template and add your own text and images

  • Use templates as a starting point for mass-producing articles

  • Build projects from templates to have a consistent brand identity

  • Introduce new users to your organization to Vev and how your company uses Vev

  • Allow content editors to build projects with brand guidelines

Note: This feature is available on Professional and Organization level plans.

🔨 Creating a template

Follow the steps in our creating templates article to build a template you can use to create projects.

🖥 Using a template

Follow the steps below to create a project based on a template.

  • Create a new project

  • Click Preview to view the template in action (optional)

  • Click Use Template

  • Open in Design Editor or Content Editor

  • Add and remove sections as you please (See Managing sections)

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