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How to pin an element

Pin elements position to the user's view

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You can fix your elements to the user's screen, and choose which pages they should appear on, even when scrolling by using our "Pin Position" feature. To learn how to do this, follow the steps below.

Pinning an element

  • Select the Element you want to pin.

  • Move to the Right Panel Editor.

  • Click Pin Position.

The element will now be pinned to its position.

Next to Pin Position, you can choose if you want to pin the element to Current Page, some pages, or All Pages.

Tip: Use our Sticky position addon if you want to pin an element just to a specific area of your page. Learn more about it here.

Pinning a section

it is currently not possible to pin a section with this feature the background and content of your section will be pinned rather than the section itself making it scrollable.

The below shows the effect you create when you pin a section with this feature.

You should use the Sticky Position addon to pin your sections instead.

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