How to use guides

Use helpful tools like guides and grids to design and build your content

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There are a number of helpful tools to ensure that your content is positioned and spaced consistently and correctly.

πŸ™ŒπŸΏ Applying Grids

Grids are a great tool to help build consistent layouts across breakpoints.

To apply a grid to the canvas:

  • When you click outside the canvas or press "exit", this will reveal your project settings on the right-side.

  • Toggle the visibility of guides to be 'on'

  • Click on the guide icon to customize the column and spacing for your design

Tip: Grids are great to help design your content to be consistent but don't be afraid to break the grid to make unique layouts.

πŸš€ Using the distance indicator

The Distance Indicator will help you to visually see the distance of your element in relation to the container and other elements. This will help you to create pixel-perfect designs.

distance indicator
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