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Using Comments

Share ideas, respond to feedback, and track the evolution of work all from one place with comments

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Add Comments to elements

  • Click the comment icon on the top toolbar (hotkey: C)

  • Click the element on the canvas that you'd like to comment on (e.g. text box), and tag your team members in the Vev account with @ symbol.

  • Once you hit enter, mentioned members will receive an email alert about your comment.

NOTE: If the elements are moved around the canvas, the comment bubble will move around with them.

Mention a collaborator

To mention your team members in a comment, first, make sure they are added to your Vev account.

  • Press @ symbol to trigger a mention

  • Start typing the person’s name or email

  • Select the person’s name from the list

  • Hit enter once you’ve finished your message. Vev will email anyone mentioned with the details of your comment and a link to the relevant project

Note: Once mentioned in a comment, colleagues will be subscribed to all new comments in the related thread, regardless of whether they are tagged.

Edit Comments

To edit your comment, click the overflow icon in the comment box and click Edit comment.

Replying to Comments

To reply, simply enter your reply in the comment field and hit enter. You can also add an emoji when adding or replying to comments.

Resolving Comments

Once a comment has been addressed, click the check button to resolve it. This will hide it from the comment panel on the right-hand side, but it can still be viewed by filtering show resolved.

Mark Comments as Unread

If you would like to revisit a specific comment thread, later on, click the overflow icon in the top-right corner and click Mark as unread. This will highlight the comment bubble in yellow, making it easier for you to spot it when you next return to the project.

Delete Threads

To delete a comment thread, click the overflow icon in the top-right corner and click Delete thread. Note that this action can not be undone and the thread won’t be retrieved.

Comment Panel

The comment panel lives on the right-hand side of the Design Editor. Here you can see all comment threads created within the project. Click the filter icon to filter comments by:

  • Date

  • Unread

  • Resolved

  • Current page

  • Your threads (where you’re mentioned)

Notifications Center

The Notification Center can be found by clicking on the bell icon in the top-left corner of the dashboard. A list of events such as reactions, mentions, replies, and comments on projects owned by you will be displayed here. Clicking an event will redirect you to the relevant project.

A bell icon highlighted in yellow indicates that you have unread events. Click “Mark all as read” once you’re finished reviewing them to remove this.

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