Using the Quiz Submit Button

Use with the Quiz Questions element to send the quiz taker to a targeted link based on their quiz score.

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Adding a Quiz Submit button

  • From the top menu bar, click the Add Menu (Shortcut: M)

  • Search for and select Quiz Submit Button

  • Click and drag the element onto your canvas

Styling a Quiz Submit button

  • Background:

    • Button: Change the background color of the button

    • Button Hover: Change the background color of the button on hover

  • Padding: Add padding to the button

  • Border: Set the border color, opacity, and line weight of the button

  • Border Radius: Curve the radius of the button's border

  • Effects: Effects: Add different types of shadows or blur effects (learn more about effects)

Configuration options



Button Label

The text of the button

Navigate to page

Choose the page to which you want to redirect the user

Range start

Number identifying the lower limit of the range to which this navigation decision belongs.

Range end

Number identifying the higher limit of the range to which this navigation decision belongs.

Score logic

In the Quiz Questions element, each question is given a score. When the user has finished answering all questions, the individual scores of their quiz responses are totaled together to generate the final score. The Quiz Submit Button will see which of its ranges the final score falls into and then navigates the user to the appropriate page.

The example below visualizes the logic performed by the Quiz Submit Button. Since the total score of the chosen quiz answers equals 3, the user will be navigated to the page titled "YouLoveMath" because that is the page belonging to the range under which the total score falls into.

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