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Scrollytelling JWPlayer section
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Unlock the potential of visual storytelling with the Scrollytelling JWPlayer section in Vev. This powerful component empowers you to narrate compelling stories using high-definition video content, supported by the robust capabilities of JWPlayer—the leading video player on the web.

Note: When you add a Scrollytelling JWPlayer section for the first time, the editor will automatically create two sections. After you edit e.g. background image of the first section, you'll see the second section in the layers panel. To unleash their full potential, it's recommended to use two or more Scrollytelling JWPlayer sections in sequence.

Configuration options

Here are the parameters and descriptions for configuring Scrollytelling JWPlayer videos in Vev:




Animation time in milliseconds. (350 ms is recommended)


Select which easing function you want to use for your Animation

Embed URL

Add the URL of your video

Video tracking name

Add the video tracking name

Show video controls

Toggle to show the video controls


Toggle to make the video play automatically

Video covers 100%

Toggle to make the video cover the whole section


Set how the video should fit the section

Display title

Toggle to show the video's title

Display description

Toggle to show the video's description

These parameters allow precise customization of video elements within your Vev projects, ensuring optimal presentation and functionality based on your specific requirements. Adjust settings as needed to enhance user experience and achieve your desired visual and interactive effects seamlessly.

Organizing Scrollytelling JWPlayer sections

Once a Scrollytelling JWPlayer section has been added it'll appear in the layers panel, you can drag it above or below other sections to place it where you need it in your project. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

  • Select the section in the layers panel

  • Click and hold it, then drag it above or below the section you want

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