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Adding a Number Counter element
Adding a Number Counter element
Animate counting numbers using the Number Counter element
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The number counter begins at the specified start number and counts by 1 until the end number is reached. The counter will increment up or down depending on start and end values provided.

Number Counter Element in Vev

πŸ‘πŸ½ Adding a number counter

  • From the top menu bar, click on the Add Menu (Shortcut: M)

  • Search for and select 'Number Counter'

  • Click and drag the element onto your canvas

🎨 Styling a number counter

  • Text: Change the Number's size, color, and font

  • Margin: Add margin to the Number

  • Padding: Add padding to the Number

βš™οΈ Configuration options

Once you've added the Number Counter element to your canvas, you can now set the configuration options, including start/stop number as well as the increment speed.

To start, double-click the Number Counter element to open the configuration options.




The number the counter should start at.


The number the counter should stop at.

Increment speed

The time the counter should take to pass from one number to the next one in milliseconds.

Delay animation start

Sets a delay before the counter starts in milliseconds.

Run Once

Makes the counter run only once.

Tip: You should only use integers in the number's fields.

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