Embedding videos in the canvas

Step 1 - Add a video element

  • Click the “Video” button in the Top Bar

… upload a video

With a file from your computer

… or add from link to a video file

The link expected here is for a video file that is hosted on a web server, like this: www.website.com/archives/videos/file.mp4

Links from video services like YouTube and Vimeo will not work with this option. See the rest of this article to learn how to add such videos.

Step 2 - Configure it

  • Double-click the element

  • Set the config

    • Select a custom poster image

    • Options

      • Start play on visible

      • Loop

      • Mute

      • Show Video controls

      • Lazy load

      • Play/pause on hover

      • No tracking

[@TODO: Explain each option]

YouTube, Vimeo, JWPlayer, etc.

Video services have dedicated elements/sections which you can add from the add menu, i.e. ( + ) button in the top Bar.

Make sure to use the categories to make it easy to filter on elements or sections, as well as videos vs. other categories. You can also use the search box.

Extra - Video background

Sections can have video as a background. Though, unlike images, background videos are achieved by adding video sections and not blank sections.

When selecting sections from the Add Menu, make sure to filter by sections and videos to see the available options.