Project Settings

The Right Panel show your projects settings, unless you have an Element selected. It has information about your project and your current page. You can turn on and off guides or snapping, adjust your colour palette and adjust screen sizes.

Project setting spanel

Project title

The title of your Project.

Project tags

Give your project Tags. Used for finding and navigating your projects quickly

Current page

Information and data related to your current page.

Page Title - The title of your current page

Page Photo - The cover photo for your current page. Used in your project list as well as the default photo used when sharing on social platforms.

Guides and snapping

You can toggle or adjust guides on the Canvas under the Project Guides panel. You can adjust columns, spacing and padding. Click on the eye symbol to show / hide guides.

When snapping is on, dragging your Elements will snap them to visible columns. They will also snap and show guidelines to other adjacent Elements.