Expanding projects with pages

Now that we know all that can be done for one page, wouldn’t it be cool to create more pages?

Let’s do that!

Step 1 - Go to Page Overview

  • Click the Page Overview icon in the Page Panel

Step 2 - Create a new page

  • Click Add

Step 3 - Change page settings

  • Hover over a page and click the gear icon

You have the option to set:

  • This new page as the homepage of your project

  • The page as a 404 page, which shows up when someone tries to visit a non-existent page on your website

  • The status of the page. Anything other than “Ready” will not be published and will remain private.

  • Title of the page. This is important for SEO purposes, among other things.

  • Description of the page. Also important for SEO.

  • Path of the page. This will be auto-generated but you can always customize it.

As an extra, you’ll be able to see a preview of how your page will be appear in a Google search or as a Facebook post when linked.

Step 4 - Modify sections and elements as you please

You’re now a pro at this, so we’ll let you have fun with your Vev content!