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With the internet growing at breakneck speed every day, it's more important than ever to ensure that your content is optimized so that your website is easy to find against your competitors.
In this lesson, we will look at how you can update the metadata such as title and description for your Vev project.

1. Open the page settings menu

Located on the top left corner of the editor, click the cog editor of the desired page you would like to update the meta-information.

2. Edit Page Title

Within the 'Page Title' field, you can update the meta title of your page. This is how your page title will pull through into search engines such as Google and Bing as well as how it will be displayed at the top of your web browser. Here it is important to think about usability as well as you are targeting the right keywords based on your SEO goals.
We recommend keeping your page title around the 60 character mark

3. Edit Page Description

Here you can give a brief description of your page. Once again this will pull through to search engines, however, please be aware that in some cases search engines may serve an excerpt from the page itself if it is relevant to the user's search. _**_We recommend 120–158 characters, up to 920 pixels. Make sure to include keywords relevant to your SEO strategy.
There are tools you can use to can use check your meta information on such as Spotibo.

4. Edit Page Path

Sometimes referred to as 'url slug', 'relative url' or 'file name'. Whatever you like to call it, you can change the page path of your page here.

5. Set Photo

By default, Vev will pull through a preview of your project here, just like the project gallery. You can also upload your own image if you want a specific photo to display. To do this, click 'set photo' and upload your desired image.

6. Previews

Finally, once you've populated all of your fields with your meta information, you can see how it appears below. Here, you will get a preview of how it will look on Google and how it looks like if it is shared to a social media platform such as Facebook.
Your project will dynamically save any changes you make to your meta information. You can exit the page or click the back button to go back to the design editor.


You can solve or figure out most issues related to sharing Vev content on other platforms by checking out our FAQ section on Sharing. This issue may be solved by using the platform's respective tool to "re-fetch" the data they have on your content. Check out how to do this here.
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