Making links

In addition to inline links for text, any element or section can be made into a link by extending it with the Link add-on.

Add-ons are discussed in detail in Extending elements/sections with add-ons, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll take a very practical approach.

Step 1 - Make an inline link

  • Highlight any portion of text and make it into a link. This works whether you are in the Design Editor or Content Editor.

If you add an inline link but that doesn’t change how it looks, make sure that there there’s a style defined for links within that text box. See Working with text for a refresher on styling text.

… or attach the link add-on to anything

  • Select an element or a section

  • Click the Add-ons icon in the Top Bar OR Right-click and Choose “Add-ons > Add new“

  • Select “Link” from the list

Step 2 - Edit link settings

You can choose the type of link you want to have. Each type has its own settings:

  • Page, i.e. an internal within your Vev project

    • Animation, to apply a nice transition between pages

  • Element, to take you to an element within the same page

  • External, as in a website that is not the current website

  • Email

  • Phone