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My preview image or share card image is not updated, or it does not show at all.
If the platform you are sharing a link to does not recognize or update the photo for your project, you may manually refresh the URL depending on the social network.
For example, Twitter has a Twitter Card Validator Tool to help with this. Simply:
  1. 2.
    Paste your url and click preview
  2. 3.
    Check out the image and information, make sure everything pulls through
You can also do this by following the Lint / Scrape tools below.
Make sure you're on the correct page for which you are trying to share a link. Also, make sure your content has a cover image. You can check if you do by clicking on the canvas (not an element) to reveal this option in the right-side Inspector.
Lastly, use the Page Settings Menu to set the title, description and cover image. Then click publish to update.
Depending on which type of hosting you are publishing on, some delays or caching may be in place on the receiving end.

Lint / Scrape tools

Open the "Lint" or "Scrape" tool for the relevant platform. Use this to trigger the platform to refresh the data they have for your URL. You can find these tools by checking the documentation for the respective platform, or by searching for this tool and the platform name in your favorite browser.
Facebook Lint
LinkedIn POST Inspector
Twitter Card Validator
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