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Add and style an Image on your canvas
Add an image and style it to bring your design to life.
In this lesson:
  • Adding an Image
  • Styling an Image
  • Image Library and Image Settings
  • Adding Alt text/Descriptions

Adding an Image

Add an Image Element by using the Image tool in the top bar or navigate to the Add Menu and select the element from there.
To add an image:
  • Select the Image tool on the top bar
  • Click and drag onto your canvas
  • Double click on the Image Element to add an image from a file, Unsplash, or PixaBay
Note: Vev automatically optimizes images when you add them to your canvas but we are always looking to improve. Make sure to check out our roadmap as we look to launch the WebP format.
Hot Tip: Make sure to add the lazy-load addon to improve your page speed and performance.

Styling an Image

Image size

You can edit the size of your image directly on the canvas just like you would on Figma, Photoshop, or XD.
  • Specify px or % in the Style Panel
  • Grab the corner of your image and drag to resize (Use Shift⇧ + Drag to retain the aspect ratio)


Choose between different options to get the cropping of your image just right.
Auto crop
Automatically crop an image based on the percentages to the left
Increases or decreases the size of the image to fill the container and preserves the aspect ratio
Stretch to fill
Stretches the image to fit the container, regardless of its aspect ratio


Use the border-radius style property to edit and round the edges of an image.


Add a shadow to your image to create a unique effect.
Note: Learn more about Shadows and the different options.


Change the opacity of the image and its container.

Image Libary and Image Settings

To quickly access all your images, in the Image Tool dropdown select Open Image Library.
In the Image Library, you can:
  • Use the search function to find a specific image
  • Select Info and change the Image name, add a Photographer name, and add the description/alt text

Adding Alternative Text/Description

Alt text and Descriptions are helpful for SEO and accessibility. You can add your Alt text by selecting your Image and clicking Info in the Image Library.
Note: Vev uses the Google Vision API to auto-generate alt text for any image uploads but can be manually edited in the Image Library.
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