Here are the articles in this section:
Styling Elements
Add text such as headings and paragraphs to your canvas
Similar to containers and divs in web design, frames are used to group, organize, and position elements
Shapes and Icons
Add preset shapes or custom SVGs to your project
Link Button
Add a button to your project and link to the other pages, anchors, or external sites
Add and style an Image on your canvas
Add videos to your canvas from multiple sources
Lottie Animation
Add and customize a Lottie animation on your canvas
Navbar & Menus
Add and customize menus and navigation to your canvas
Animated Letters
Animated Words
Labeled Image
Add clickable hotspots to an image that trigger an assigned element to pop up.
Card Slider
A carousel style layout of cards effective for concisely presenting a collection items.
Tab Accordion
A vertically stacked list of items where exactly one item is expanded into a panel at a time. This element aids in reduc...
Present a series of images in a pre-arranged sequence.
Google Maps
Image Compare
Scroll to Top
Transitions the page's scroll position to the top of the page.
Image Carousel
Sliding gallery of tiles containing image backgrounds, a text description, and a clickable link.
Audio Widgets
Video Hover
Switch to a different video background and text caption when the user hovers over the element.
Video Carousel
Sliding gallery of tiles, each containing a video and a title.
Labeled Image
Video Scroll (beta)
Add and customize a video scroll element
Social Sharing
Add and customize social sharing icons to your content
Quiz Question
Create multiple choice style questions. Use with the Quiz Submit Button element to send the user to a targeted page base...
Quiz Submit Button
Use with the Quiz Questions element to send the quiz taker to a targeted link based on their quiz score.