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Use as an add-on to magnify any of your components on click.

Configuration Options

The size of the empty space between the magnified image and the top/bottom edges of the screen. A larger margin value results in reduced magnification.
Backdrop color
The backdrop is a layer between the magnified image and the background, separating the magnified image from the background. You can set any backdrop color and opacity to make your component stand out.

Setting the level of magnification

Use the margin field to customize how large the magnified image will be. The margin determines how far the image will be from the top and bottom edges of the screen, as shown in the visualization below. The larger the margin value, the more space there will be surrounding the magnified image. Consequently, the smaller the magnified image will be.


The backdrop is a sheet of color that separates and contrasts the zoomed image from the rest of the page content, putting it into primary focus. The color of the backdrop can be configured from the addon's settings modal using the Backdrop color field.
Last modified 6mo ago