Extending elements and sections with addons

An addon is an independent effect or extra functionality which you can attach to an element or a section, which then influences how the element/section looks, behaves, invisibly communicates with external services, or all of this combined.

For example:

  • The “Animation” add-on makes an element/section move.

  • The “Link” add-on makes it a … link.

  • The “GTM Event on Click” add-on sends a Google Tag Manage event upon clicking.

In other words, an add-on is a superpower you give to elements or sections to make them do special things they normally don’t do on their own.

The best part is an element/section can virtually have an endless number of add-ons (as long as they don’t interfere with each other).

Follow the steps outlined next to learn how to work with add-ons.

Step 1 - Attach an add-on

  • Select an element or a section

  • Right-click

  • Choose “Add-ons > Add new“

  • Select an add-on from the list

Step 2 - Configure it

  • Right-click the element/section with the add-on

  • Choose “Add-ons > [name of add-on]“

  • Set configuration

Each add-on will have its own set of config options. [#TODO: add links to add-on reference pages]

Just like you can create custom elements and sections, you can create custom add-ons. See for more information.