Edit Links
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We left discussing links till the very end for two reasons:
  • Links can be applied to any kind of element, so we wanted to introduce all elements first to be as general as possible.
  • You can link pages within the same project, and we wanted to discuss pages first.
Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. How do links work in Vev?

Step 1 - Hover over an element with a link

Note that links have to be added in the Design Editor first (with one exception we’ll come to shortly).

Step 2 - Edit settings

You can choose the type of link you want to have. Each type has its own settings:
  • Page, i.e. an internal within your Vev project
    • Animation, to apply a nice transition between pages
  • Element, to take you to an element within the same page
  • External, as in a website that is not the current website
  • Email
  • Phone

Extra: Create your own inline links

As mentioned earlier, links are typically added in the Design Editor. However, you can add inline links by highlighting some text and adding one! The same options apply as before.
You can remove the link by clicking on the text and untoggling the link button.
If you add an inline link but that doesn’t change how it looks, make sure that there there’s a style defined for links within that text box. This is done in the Design Editor.