Edit Sections
⚠️ Heads-up! We have a new UI and we’re updating our docs. Your Top Bar will look like you see below.
So far we’ve only been changing the content of existing sections and elements. The Content Editor gives you some additional control over sections by allowing you to add, resize, and remove them.
Let’s see how that works.

Step 1 - Add a new section

    Click “Add above” when hovering over a section OR
    Click “Add” in the toolbar

Step 2 - Choose an option from the template

    Filter sections by tags, which is especially useful if there are many sections
    Use the arrows to cycle through sections
    Click “Add”

Step 3 - Rename it

Double-click it in the layers panel then enter the new name.

Step 4 - Move it above or below other sections

Click and drag in the layers panel.

Step 5 - Drag its bottom edge to adjust the height

Step 6 - Delete it (unless you need it)

Last modified 1mo ago