Managing Pages
⚠️ Heads-up! We have a new UI and we’re updating our docs. Your Top Bar will look like you see below.
Also, you’ll notice some slight changes in how pages are managed. Your cue is the screenshot below (until we update all screenshots very soon).
On to the actual article …
Now that we know all that can be done for one page, wouldn’t it be cool to create more pages?
Let’s do that!

Step 1 - Go to Page Settings

    Click the name of the current page in the top right

Step 2 - Create a new page

You may be redirected to the Design Editor. If so, come back to this page by clicking the name of the page in the top right like you did in the previous step.

Step 3 - Change page settings

You have the option to set:
    This new page as the homepage of your project
    The page as a 404 page, which shows up when someone tries to visit a non-existent page on your website
    The status of the page. Anything other than “Ready” will not be published and will remain private.
    Title of the page. This is important for SEO purposes, among other things.
    Description of the page. Also important for SEO.
    Path of the page. This will be auto-generated but you can always customize it.
As an extra, you’ll be able to see a preview of how your page will appear in a Google search or as a Facebook post when linked.

Step 4 - Modify sections and elements as you please

You’re now a pro at this, so we’ll let you have fun editing your Vev content!
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