Editing Text
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Step 1 - Double-click a text element

Or Click “Edit Content” when you hover over it.

Step 2 - Select a word and change its style

To: Bold, Italic, Underlined, or Strike-through.

Step 3 - Select a line and change its markup

To: Paragraph, H1 - H6, Table, Quote, Ordered/Unordered list.

Keep SEO in mind

You and/or the designers on your team may be tempted to create a text box for each type of text, e.g. headings, body, etc. While you may get the results you want visually, we highly recommend that you avoid that and instead keep text grouped together while changing the markup within. You’ll have full control over the style from within the Design Editor (See Design: Basics).

What about text links?

We will discuss this in full detail soon.
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