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Unless the projects are in your personal drafts folder, all projects have to live in a workspace. A workspace is basically a folder with smart settings and is a great way for your team to organize your projects. A workspace can be shared with external users, making it easy for cross-account collaboration with other creatives.

Creating a new workspace

From the dashboard, make sure you have entered the right team, then click + New Workspace from the left side panel. Fill in the workspace name, and select palette colours for the workspace. The palettes will follow all projects within this workspace.
Make sure to give the workspace a name that makes sense for the rest of your team, for example, your client's name or the name of the project.
The new workspace now appears on the left side panel under Team workspaces.

Editing workspace settings

Hover the workspace you want to change the settings for, and the settings icon will appear. Click the settings icon to open the settings.
In the workspace settings you can:
    Change the favicon for the workspace
    Edit workspace palette colors
    Edit workspace fonts
    Manage workspace hosting settings
    Delete workspace
    Share workspace
    Move workspace

Share workspace

If you wish to share the workspace with external users you do so from the workspace settings. Click Share workspace, and fill in the email of the individual you want to share it with, and click + Add user.

Move workspace

Moving workspaces is possible across teams on the same account, and you move it from its workspace settings. Click Move workspace, and select the Team that should recive the workspace.

Delete workspace

In the workspace settings, click Delete workspace, type in the name of the workspace, and click Confirm.