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You probably want to set up your account into teams, just like you would in real life; if it is by department, projects, etc. Just be aware that the set-up will impact the level of access the users have to projects within each team, however, a user can have access to more than one team at a time.
As a team, you have your own workspaces, projects, hostings, plugins, libraries, fonts, and components, only accessible for the users on the team.
This is only available for Team and Enterprise plans.

Creating teams

From your dashboard, click the + New Team under Teams in the left side panel. If you are already in a team click Change team first. If you have several teams, the + New Team button will be all the way at the bottom under your existing teams.
Come up with a suitable team name in the input field under Create team, and click Create team.

Editing team settings

Enter the team you want to edit the settings for, and click the Settings tab at the top bar.
In the team settings you can:
    Change favicon for the team
    Manage team members, such as adding/removing users and users restrictions
    Manage team hosting settings
    Delete team

Managing team users

If you wish for all users on the account to have access to the team, make sure the toggle is ON under the team settings. When toggled OFF you can manually select who's got access to the account under the Team members tab. A list of the team members and an input field for inviting users pops up. You can invite users from your account, as well as external. Click Add user when you have entered their email.
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