Vev Help Center
As a Vev user, you will automatically have access to our Community in Discord, where you can connect, chat, discuss the latest features, share inspiration, and hang out with other Vev users. Additionally, you have documentation and learning material on how to get started with the different editors, hosting, SEO and analytics, and more, in this Help Center.
However, sometimes you cannot afford interruption to your workflow, therefore you have the option to sign up for paid support.

Changing support plan

In the Account overview, under Premium add-ons, you can change your support plan according to your needs. Click on the desired plan, and click on Change plan to activate the support.

Writing a support ticket

You get in contact with our support team by clicking on the Help Center (a blue circle with a question mark, down in the right corner) inside of Vev. Click on Support, then Create a support ticket to start a conversation with our team.
Last modified 2mo ago